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Studyworks is an authorized testing centre for PSI Inc. We conduct computer-based testing for many different types of professional and academic tests and assessments on behalf of PSI and its clients.

Please read the important information below to ensure a pleasant and smooth testing experience.

Important Information

How to register or re-schedule your test

To register for your test, please visit

Alternatively, you may also email PSI Inc for assistance with your registration or scheduling matters.  Their email address is‍‍

Please note that Studyworks is only the testing LOCATION. We DO NOT register or reschedule candidates. Studyworks DOES NOT collect any payments and all your payments go directly to your test sponsor, NOT to us.

Contact information

In order to help reach the right people who can assist you, please take a moment to look at the table below.

Testing organization



which hires


e.g.AWS, GARP, ISACA, BCEN etc.,  arrow To administer the test and take care of candidate registration  arrow To deliver the test
Call, email or visit the website of the testing organization for help with questions about

  • Test structure

  • Test content

  • Break policy

  • ID requirements

  • Membership issues

  • Fee issues

  • Name change issues

  • Results of exams

  • Delays in results of exams

Contact PSI for help with

  • Registration

  • Re-scheduling

  • ID requirements

  • Fee issues
  • Results of exams
  • Delays in results of exams

Contact Studyworks for help about

  • Where we are located

  • Questions about ID

  • Test day conditions

Useful Websites
Please search online for your testing organization for other tests not listed here


What to bring on test day

  • Correct ID as specified by your testing organization

  • Email confirmation from PSI or your test sponsor

  • A jacket in case you get cold

  • Drinks and snacks if you have a break (please check the test format of your testing organization to see if you get breaks)

Identification requirements – Important!

What kind of identification should you bring to the test center?

Validity and number of acceptable IDs are pre-determined by the test sponsor (i.e. AWS, ISACA etc.,).  This can usually be found in your confirmation email.  Please read the confirmation email carefully and note the ID requirements.


  • Original – has your full name on it.  Please note that name must match EXACTLY the name that you have used to register for the exam.  For example, if you registered for the exam using the name 'John Tan', please make sure that your ID has the exact name.  We will NOT be able to admit you if your ID shows, for example, 'Tan Beng Teck' and you have registered as 'John Tan'.

  • Government-issued

  • Valid -  unexpired

  • Photo

  • Signature – signature may be on different page for different countries’ passports

Our Singapore NRIC and Drivers’ License DO NOT have a signature on it.

We highly recommend you bring your passport to ensure your ID requirements are met. Please refer carefully to your testing organisations’ ID requirements.

Candidates who do not bring the correct ID will NOT be allowed to take the test. It is your responsibility to bring the correct ID.

I’m Singaporean. Why can’t I use my IC?

We follow the rules and regulations set by the test that you are sitting for. Please note the Singapore NRIC and Driving License DO NOT have a signature on them and will not fulfill the ID requirements if your test sponsors require an ID with signature on it. For avoidance of doubt, please bring your passport as it will always meet all the requiurements (photo, full name, signature).

For other tests, please refer to your requirements as stated by your test organization. Some tests may still require a secondary ID (e.g. a credit card or bank card) with signature.

What to expect on test day

Please click the link below for what to expect on test day

Information about your test, test content, format, breaks, calculator use etc.

Studyworks is a testing location, and conducts many different tests. As test information, content, structure etc. may change, we advise you to check with your testing organization for the latest updates.

For tests that require calculators, please check the exact model that is allowed by your testing organization.

How and when to get to our test centre

Please aim to arrive 45 to 60 minutes ahead of your scheduled test time. This will allow you to settle down, and help us process your check-in for the test. For certain tests, there may be forms to fill out. Please do not be late as we will not be able to admit you if you are late.

Studyworks is located at

Blk 26 Boon Lay Way, #01-85, Tradehub21 Singapore 609970 Tel: +65 6250 7696

Click Here for directions to come to Studyworks from Jurong East MRT Station.

Click Here for directions to come to Studyworks from Clementi MRT Station.

Test Center Location

26 Boon Lay Way,
#01-85 Tradehub21
Singapore 609970


Phone: +65 6251 6448
           +65 6250 7696

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