Safe Testing at Studyworks

Studyworks Covid-19 Prevention Measures and Social/Safe Distancing Implementation –
Effective from 31st March 2020 till further notice.  Last Revision: 21st July 2021

As per the Singapore government’s new directives to curb the spread of Covid-19, Studyworks will be implementing enhanced social distancing measures in order to protect the health and safety of all staff and customers entering our premises.

If you have received a HEALTH RISK WARNING or HEALTH RISK ALERT because you or a member of your household reside in or may have visited locations with clusters or have come into close proximity with individuals working at these places, please DO NOT come for your test. You should contact us at +65-62516448 if you have been issued a HEALTH RISK WARNING or a HEALTH RISK ALERT.

If you or any of your household members have undergone ART and/or PCR swab tests, you should only come to our test center AFTER the test results are negative.

Please be socially responsible. Together, we can keep everybody safe and we can return to normal sooner!

Enhanced Safety Measures:

1. Front glass door will be locked at all times and candidates must press the intercom to enter. There will be a separate entry and exit doors to minimize contact between candidates.

2. All candidates must wear a mask before entering and should not remove or lower their masks at any time during their presence on company premises. Masks must cover the nose and mouth fully. If a candidate is found to wear the mask improperly, our proctor will terminate the candidate's exam and the candidate would be asked to leave.

3. Before entering the premises, all candidates shall be asked to scan the Safe Entry QR code posted at the entrance of the premises using the TraceTogether app on their mobile devices. It is candidate's duty to ensure that the TraceTogether app is working before arriving at our test center. Upon entering, all visitors will be asked to immediately sanitize their hands and to show proof of TraceTogether App running on their mobile phones.  Studyworks has no access to, does not collect, store, nor reuse the data collected through the TraceTogether app.

4. All Candidates will have their temperatures checked when they arrive and will be subject to another check if their exams are longer than 4 hours. Any one who displays symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or having a fever of 37.5 and above will be turned away. Candidates will also be required to declare their health to staff members. Please be socially responsible. Do not take any medication to lower your temperature or reduce your symptoms before you arrive. If you are unwell on the day of your exam, please reschedule your exam. See a doctor immediately.

5. Candidates will be informed that if they are untruthful in their health declaration, they are liable to be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act.

6. Candidates will sit according to designated seating. Safe distancing will be implemented with clear signs telling candidates where to sit. Candidate must not mingle nor talk to each other even during their breaks.

7. Candidates will need to keep at least one meter apart from each other at all times. Floors will be clearly marked on where they can stand. There should be no eating or drinking on the premises at all times.

8. Candidates will need to be assigned alternate seating such as Workstations 1,3,5 etc

9. Each workstation will need to be cleaned and disinfected by staff after every test is completed.

10. The total capacity of the test center shall be 50% or less at all times.

11. Staff will be rotated into Teams A and B to ensure they get sufficient rest between work days.

12. Staff must wear surgical or face masks at all times, check their temperature twice daily, and ensure they have gloves on when cleaning and sanitizing.

13. Candidates who have high-stakes tests and testing windows or deadlines will be given priority.

14. Non-essential tests will need to be postponed.

15. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

16. Studyworks takes the health and safety of all staff and candidates seriously. We apologize ahead for the inconvenience caused, but believe that with proper and effective implementation of social distancing measures and with the full cooperation of candidates, we can ensure that all candidates are able to test safely.

17. We undertake to turn away any candidate who is not cooperative and who appears unwell or whom we may assess to be a risk to other candidates and staff. Candidates who do not wish to follow our measures are welcomed to reschedule their tests till after the Covid-19 pandemic disappears around the world as we have to abide by the Singapore Government’s directives as well as our stringent safe distancing policies.

Test Center Location

26 Boon Lay Way,
#01-85 Tradehub21
Singapore 609970


Phone: +65 6251 6448
           +65 6250 7696

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